How-To and what-to-buy to Paint Frsky Taranis

This article will go through what you need to Paint Frsky Taranis. It isn’t too hard and yields an awesome result! Wear your Taranis proudly at the field with your awesome set of colors 🙂

I wont go through how to take it apart and assemble it because it is both straightforward and covered widely on the web already. Here is what i learned while painting mine.

what to buy to paint Frsky Taranis


primer, color, cover
primer, color, cover
  1. primer.
  2. colors of your choice.
  3. clear spray to seal and protect the color.
First coat, primer

It is super important to let the painted parts dry in between coats and even more important to let all the painted part dry for 2 days! Otherwise, your paint will get smudged and have fingerprints on it.

If you can’t resist flying for 2 days, below is a list of all paintable parts on your taranis. Parts marked with * are a must because of how they are installed on your old shell.

why not add stickers
why not add stickers

Parts and replacements

Here is what i recommend buying:

  1. Frsky Taranis Shell
  2. Navigation Buttons *(Are “soldered” to posts in the shell, might break when trying to take apart)
  3. Display Panel *(glued to the shell)
  4. Antenna
  5. Trim Switches
  6. Hall Sensor Gimbals (You’re already taking everything apart, good time to change the gimbals if you didn’t already)
  7. Switch tool (helps but not a must)

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