Naze32 Rev6 ESC calibration

You can’t calibrate the ESCs on Naze32 Rev6 like you used to do in rev5, by using the motor tab, as trying will result in your motors spinning when thinking you are about to calibrate your escs.

This is a result of the lack of separation between the high voltage and low voltage on the rev6.

naze32 rev6 ESC calibration process:

The trick to calibrate without disassembling anything is:

  1. plug USB and connect to cleanflight.
  2. move to CLI tab and type the following commands:
    1. set min_command = 2000
    2. save
  3. unplug USB.
  4. plug Battery.
  5. plug USB and connect to cleanflight.
  6. move to CLI tab and type the folowing commands:
    1. set min_command = 1000
    2. save
  7. Done 🙂

4 thoughts on “Naze32 Rev6 ESC calibration”

  1. Hi, I’ve calibrated my ESC’s the normal method on a Rev.6 board. The motors will not turn unless the lipo is connected so no problem.
    Thanks for good blog, just found it, will be back 🙂

    1. But mine are turning. Not just that. I removed my ESC connection with my board, even after that motors spin on just laptop power

  2. So I have a Naze32, V6, by and modified by Hyperion. It is “supposed” to be “plug and play.” No way. How do I get pins 3 and 4 to turn off OSD without frying the whole board? I can’t figure out which “pin 3 and 4” this article talks about. I have spend MANY hours trying to figure out how to get this thing back on Cleanflight with the correct firmware. I need more specific instructions, and don’t know how to use PWM or PPM or whatever. This is WAY TOO HARD to be any fun.

    The camera works, and initially I got it bound to my DX6i; but when it lifted off the deck it went left so I put in a bunch of right aileron and it flipped over hard left. Found out later that I needed to reverse the aileron and rudder servos. Then bound it to my DX9, and haven’t had it off the ground since. One time I got the propellorless motors to spin up, but right now I can’t even get it into Cleanflight or any other response other than the camera and gimbal works. I’ve had several experts in the field just recommend i get a refund and get what they have. But, I LIKE THE VENGEANCE quad. I would just like it more if it flew. I’m too old to develope the skills for racing, but flying my Piper Super Cub through the gates, line of sight, doesn’t cut it.

    Any help at all would be extremely appreciated.

    Ron (a.k.a. Banditrider, doing 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds )

  3. thank you so much for the instructions above.. FINALLY I got to calibrate my ESC’s with Cleanflight and Naze32 Rev6.

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