Tiny Whoop parts list, where and what to order

Everybody these days is flying the new Tiny whoop. I’ll go through what and where to buy, with a short and to the point tiny whoop parts list.

Parts list:

  1. Tiny whoop (50$).
  2. Spektrum Transmitter or Frsky Taranis module, OrangeRX (33$) or Spektrum (65$).
  3. Video Transmitter and FPV camera (40$).
  4. Mount for VTX (2$) or print on your own.
  5. MyLipo 205mah 1S 25/50C (6$ each) – stronger and better batteries for longer flight times.
  6. Chaoli CL-615 6x15mm Coreless Motor (3$ each) – spins faster and gives better flight with the weight of the VTX and Camera.
  7. spares:
    1. Spare Props (2$ per set) or a pack of 16.
    2. Spare Antenna for VTX (3.69$).
    3. Spare Frame (2.89$)

While you wait for your parts, kick back and enjoy an awesome flight:

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