TBS Crossfire binding and set-up with Frsky Taranis

In this short article I will go through the steps to bind and set-up your TBS Crossfire and Frsky Taranis. It’s quite simple and you should be done in a few seconds 🙂

First of all, lets get the module into the Frsky Taranis and set it up.

Frsky Taranis

Open the external module cap on the back of your Taranis and plug the crossfire. Turn on your Taranis, choose the correct model, or create a new one just like any other model.

In the model settings page, scroll down to External RF and choose Mode: CRSF. This Mode is only available on firmware 2.1.8, head to this article to upgrade to 2.1.8.

In addition to the steps above, we’ll also need to set up the correct input on the Crossfire module, like so:

TBS Crossfire

Long press the module button and scroll through the options to choose RC input Digital.

That’s it 🙂 you’re done!


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