Ideafly Grasshopper Upgrade

Gearbest Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Upgrade – Make it fly better!

I assume you’ve seen my video on Youtube (if not, scroll down) and want to make your grasshopper do the same. In short, you can achieve this by just updating 2 (or 5 to be more exact) components’ firmware. Lets head to the Ideafly Grasshopper upgrade right away:

Ideafly Grasshopper upgrade

Lets understand whats going to happen:

First of, we are going to replace the flight controller’s firmware, from Cleanflight, to Betaflight. Betaflight, for those of you who are new to drones, is a more advance version of cleanflight. It starts with BETA because it is a beta version of cleanflight. BUT, beta doesn’t mean it is not stable.

Second, we will upgrade the ESCs firmware, from Blheli to Multishot. Multishot is a newer, and faster, ESC protocol.

Lets start!


If you break your drone, brick your ESCs or flight controller and etc, it’s your problem 🙂 It’s not a simple process and if you’re don’t know what you are doing, it’s probably not for you. Come back when you know what you are doing. thank you.

Installing Betaflight,

    1. Download Betafligh configurator from the chrome store. It’s a browser based app.
    2. Open betaflight and connect your grasshopper by USB (no battery needed.
    3. browse to the firmware flasher tab (left side).
    4. choose SPRACINGF3, version 3.0.0 (or latest stable version), and Baud rate 256000.
    5. click Download firmware (bottom right) and Flash.
    6. Connect to the drone (top right), and browse to the CLI tab (on the left).
    7. in the CLI, paste the below text and press ENTER.
    8. disconnect.

    Installing Multishot,

    1. Download and install BheliSuite.
    2. Download Multishot for Raptor 390 20A (suits the 30A too).
    3. Open BlheliSuite and connect on the correct port.
    4. click on flash other and browse to the downloaded .HEX file you downloaded on step 2.
    5. choose this same file for all 4 ESCs.
    6. Reverse motor direction for motor 1 and 4.
    7. disconnect

    Go fly 😀

2 thoughts on “Gearbest Ideafly Grasshopper F210 Upgrade – Make it fly better!”

  1. Hey, since i get the grasshopper i have no different flightmodes, only the angle mode. how can i get a software version for all flightmodes (angle, horizon, full acro)????
    Will i solve my problem with following your procedure above??
    kind regards from germany

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