Miniquad Parts List

Miniquad parts list – 210mm racing miniquad

I see too many pilots flying miniquads they built as kits from aliexpress, eBay and some other weird places to buy miniquads from. Their miniquads are more prone to breaking because of a bad choice for a frame, cheap motors and ESCs with low performance and etc…! This Miniquad Parts List is here to battle all those crappy kits and save the newbies some money…

The end result will be a good, 210 size, miniquad that is built to last, both as a beginner and while gaining more skills flying. This miniquad parts list is not meant to help you build the cheapest miniquad! I hate seeing people buying cheap stuff just cause it’s cheap. It will not build you the VERY BEST miniquad, either!

To keep it simple, there will not be different options for every part (Goggles will, because there’s a wide price range and not everyone wants to start with 550$ goggles!). This will make it more straight forward for a person that has never built a miniquad in the past.

This post will not go through the building process, nor will it explain in detail what each part is for.

Miniquad Parts List:

Part Name Quantity Price Note
 Frame LT210 3mm 1  32.99 $US
Motors Cobra 2204 2300KV 5 114.95 $US 1 spare motor
ESCs FVT Littlebee 20A 5  63.4 $US 1 spare ESC
PDB  Matek Mini Power Hub  1 5.6 $US
Flight Controller Naze32 Rev6  1 13.49 $US  Acro, 6DOF version.
LED Matek 8bit WS2812B 1 4.29 $US
Buzzer  Piezoelectric Buzzer  1  0.99 $US
Battery Lead XT60 Male Lead  1 2.18 $US
Batteries Tattu 1550mAh 14.8V 45C 4 32$US each Start with 4
Propellers DAL 5045BN V2 8 1.99 $US each Start with 8 sets of 4 props

Hardware Parts List:

Part Name Quantity Price Note
Cables #1  JST connector 1  2.49 $US Used to connect buzzer, vbat, 5v to naze32
 Cables #2 Servo Lead 1 2.66 $US  Used to connect LEDs and Receiver
Shrink tubes Polyolefin H-Type 1 5.25 $US
Plastic Stand-off & Screws
M3 Black Nylon Stand-offs 1 7.55 $US Used to mount PDB and Naze32 on frame
Double Sided Tape
3M Tape 1 2.59 $US 20mm width
Zip Ties
Zip Ties 1 1.78 $US Used to hold your ESCs and wires
Battery Strap
Scorpion Strap 1 5.60 $US Used to hold your battery


RC Radio Parts List:

Part Name Quantity Price Note
Transmitter FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 1 223.99 $US Mode 2 (Mostly used, worldwide)
Receiver FrSky D4R-II 2.4G PPM 1 26.42 $US


FPV Parts List:

Part Name Quantity Price Note
Camera Foxeer XAT600M  1 35 $US  2.8, IR Block, PAL, Top connector
Video Transmitter Foxeer TM200  1  24.99 $US RPSMA/SMA
Antenna AOMWAY 5.8G  1  15.99 $US RPSMA/SMA – According to your choice above
On-Screen Display Micro MinimOSD 1 8.92 $US
Extension Cable 5cm Extension Cable 1 2.99 $US RPSMA/SMA – According to your choice above

Goggles Parts List:

Part Name Quantity Price Note
Goggles Fatshark Dominator HD2 1 519.99 $US
Video Receiver Nexwave raceband 1 30 $US


Part Name Quantity Price Note
 Goggles Fatshark Dominator V3 1 349.99 $US
Video Receiver Nexwave raceband 1  30 $US


Part Name Quantity Price Note
Goggles Quanum DIY FPV 1 55.79 $US
Video Receiver Boscam RC832 1 29.99 $US Or, with video recorder (55 $US)
Battery Quanum FPV Headset Battery 1 8.99 $US

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