FrSky Failsafe

Frsky Failsafe for X4R SB and D4R II Receivers

Failsafe should be set immediately after you finish building your miniquad. Failsafe will determine what stick position will be used when your receiver stops receiving information from the transmitter, or when the connection is lost. Setting up frsky failsafe is very straight forward and should take less than a second.

Turn on your Frsky Taranis and power on your receiver (by plugging in the battery to your miniquad).

Set the sticks position on your transmitter to how you would like them to be in failsafe. A good practice for miniquads will be to center the pitch, roll and yaw and lower the throttle to 0. If there is a buzzer installed it would be good to set the buzzer switch to on (this way your buzzer will start buzzing on failsafe).

Once all sticks and switches are in the desired location, click the small F/S button on the receiver. There is no need to hold the button pressed, just click it once and you are done.

To test the failsafe, take off your props, arm your miniquad and give it a bit of throttle. Now, power off your transmitter. The motors will stop turning and your buzzer will start buzzing (If you set your throttle to 0 and your buzzer switch to the “buzz” possition).

2 thoughts on “Frsky Failsafe for X4R SB and D4R II Receivers”

  1. Won’t that just make your drone fall from the sky if the fail safe mode is engaged?
    Isn’t better to let the motors spin slower and make it land right on that spot? Or that is not possible?

    1. That is possible & some people prefer that. However in this case the motors will be spinning, it will land/crash, perhaps in some long grass or a tree & the motors continue spinning. Or depending on the last orientation it might continue flying forwards for some way as it descends, into the road.
      For reasons like this it’s maybe best for it just to drop where it is rather than continue flying.

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