Update Foxeer Legend 1 via SD Card – in less than 5 minutes

To update Foxeer Legend 1 via the SD Card you will have to download the latest version of the foxeer software. It is very simple and only requires the latest firmware.

The best place to find the latest version (including beta versions) is on the foxeer facebook group.

For the ease of use, download it HERE (14/01/2016)
The zip folder contains both the latest firmware and the corresponding PC configuration program.

After downloading the latest firmware you can head on to,

Update Foxeer Legend 1

  1. Connect the Foxeer to the computer, or plug your SD card to the computer using a card reader.
  2. copy the FOXEER_FWUPDATE.bin file to your SD card (to the root folder, not into DCIM, or any other folder).
  3. Disconnect the Foxeer from the computer and wait for it to shut down.
  4. Turn it on, and wait for the light flashes to stop.

    Update Foxeer Legend 1
    Update Foxeer Legend 1 – Turn on by pressing on the power button (bottom button)
  5. That’s it 🙂

It is a very good, 1080P 60fps, HD camera. It is slightly more expensive (89.99$ on Surveilzone) than the Xiaomi Yi (about 73$ on Banggood with XiaoYiDV1 coupon [5%]). The quality is fairly simillar in my eyes.

Foxeer Legend 1 video:

Xiaomi Yi video:


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